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  • Everis Talent Week 2019
    Last week took place the everis talent week in Madrid, where the winners from the 10 everis participating countries competed to achieve the international everis award […]
  • The MefCO2 project comes to an end
    Niederaussem (Germany), May 28, 2019. The final event of the MefCO2 project has taken place today in Germany at RWE’s Coal Innovation Center, where the project […]


  • everis Foundation

    everis Foundation is one of the Spanish pioneers on rewarding entrepreneurship initiatives after XVI editions.

  • Project Management Office

    For a Japanese pharmaceutical company to the manufacture a novel drug, various Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) have been contracted for the current project.

  • Technology Valorization

    A project carried out for a Japanese university venture company that develops and offers system solution and software applications to support drug discovery to research institutes and pharmaceutical companies.

  • Trend Research on Special Steel

    A project carried out for a Japanese technology research company. i-deals conducted a trend research based on the production and use of Special Steel in Europe.

  • Opportunity Assessments

    We have mainly collaborated with energy sectors through the project scheme based on the governmental organization, though there have been some projects dealt with different sectors.

  • MefCO2 methanol fuel from CO2

    MefCO2 is seeking to demonstrate the economic feasibility of valorising captured CO2 by turning it into a versatile platform chemical and renewable fuel such as methanol using hydrogen produced from renewable energy surplus.