Energy Revolution Congress (Valencia)

The #Energyrevolution congress took place yesterday in Valencia and reunited a sound ecosystem of more than 300 experts including corporates, entrepreneurs, investors, researched and the local, regional and national government. Our CEO Ignacio Madrid Benito participated in the SmartGrids, Blockchain and Storage round table and reminded the audience that the #Energytransition is unstoppable and driven by #technology. The transformation of the system towards a highly distributed system with an exponential growth of generation nodes, including self-consumption and near-urban grid scale solar farms, would imply the need of technology developments that “digest” such a massive amount of data and novel interactions in a short timeframe. In this sense, it is necessary to build, not only behind-the-meter Energy Management Systems for the monitoring and control of each end-user’s energy assets (DER), but also a highly scalable and transparent back office platform where prosumers could exchange value – energy – and receive a monetary incentive in return. #Blockchain is one of the key technology enabler that ideally fits with the current needs of this model.

i-deals is fully committed to impulse the energy transition empowering key agents towards the creation of new profitable markets while generating a positive impact in our society.

We are #Energy, we are #Technology, we are #Venturing.