i-deals and the everis foundation participate in the awards ceremony of the Legal Innovation Institute

i-deals and the everis foundation took part in the awards ceremony of the hackathon #HackTheJustice, an initiative launched by the Spanish Legal Innovation Institute that recognizes and awards entrepreneurial projects in the field of justice.

Our colleague Enrique Abad gave a entrepreneurship seminar to the awardees in order to advise and help them improve aspects of their LegalTech business.

In addition to this, everis and the everis foundation attended the award ceremony, presided over by the Spanish Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá, who stressed the need of digital innovations in public administrations.

Carlos Tabernero, Director of Public Sector in everis, delivered the award to the team responsible for#EnTurno, an app addressed to Bar Associations that makes it possible to manage legal aid, thus facilitating communication between lawyers and their corresponding Bar Association.

In the awards ceremony other projects were also awarded: Quiérete V!VA, an initiative against sexist violence that includes a ‘panic button’ for victims, and BotMySelf, a solution that aims to facilitate claims for digital consumers and help them know their rights.