i-deals visits GENERA, the Energy and Environment International Trade Fair

Last week, part of the i-deals team attended GENERA, the Energy and Environment International Trade Fair. This fair, organised between IFEMA and IDAE, aimed to showcase the new energy transition scenario, with a special focus on self-consumption.

Our team visited the numerous stands where the latest trends in photovoltaics, storage and novel technologies were spotted. In addition, the fair provided with round-tables composed of some of the most relevant energy players of the Spanish and European landscape, from the legislation to the industrial level, going through relevant technological associations.

Some of the most important outcomes that could be extracted from GENERA are the following:

  1. Even if there is still much to be done, the Royal Decree Law 15/2018 has aligned all the energy industry stakeholders, as it favours self-consumption and sets the pace for the new Spanish Strategic Energy and Climate Framework.
  2. Policy makers still need inputs, so as to define how the new participants of the electric market will be accommodated and are trying to find innovative and fair solutions to design a sustainable system, where everyone is taken into consideration.
  3. In order to achieve the ambitious 2030 and 2050 EU targets, the EU is going to place special focus (and money) on transnational renewable energy projects and in unlocking the electric network’s capacity, through more intelligent grids.
  4. There are self-consumption opportunities for both the residential and the industrial sector. For the residential segment there is still a financial controversy with respect to the addition of storage, even if it is clear how a battery can help to smoothen the demand curve, moving the energy generated in low consumption times to higher demand periods. The industrial sector can certainly benefit from PV installations due to the good match generation-demand, the low payback and installation times and the more favourable regulation. More and more projects are being announced, with the objective of covering all industrial parks roofs with PV panels.
  5. Heating and cooling (H&C) represents about half of the total energy demand in Europe and around 40% in Spain, and therefore in this area there is a lot to be achieved. The technical construction code is meant to be one of the levers to achieve a more sustainable H&C demand, together with the housing stock renovation target of 3% per year. Along with this, other more efficient technologies must be promoted, whether it is the capital intensive district heating in cities or the more cost-effective heat pumps.

There is a lot at stake within energy transition and plenty of work to be done, but it is encouraging to see how all the stakeholders are aligned and are willing to promote the main levers that are meant to change the current energy scenario.