MefCO2 methanol fuel from CO2
3 July, 2017
CMO selection
2 July, 2017

Internationalisation Support

Technology prospection and commercialization

Sector: Bio & Health

Project Duration: 6 months

i-deals has carried out commercialization projects jointly with the SBC (Small and Medium enterprises in Korea) since 2013 with the main goal of supporting small and medium Korean business enterprises in their internationalization approach.

IBS Implant is a Korean company with more than 8 year of experience in the dental industry with a strong focus on R&D of dental implants. i-deals and IBS Implant attended to the EAO Congress’16, the Sofia Dental Meeting’16 and the International Dental Show (IDS)’17 in Cologne (Germany). During the latter, several one-to-one meetings were arranged with potential clients/partners. 282 potential clients and partners from different institutions (universities, dental clinics, distributors, etc.) were contacted by i-deals and over 30 of them showed interest in meeting IBS Implant during the 4-day trade show.”

i-deals' role

  • Search and segmentation of potential clients/partners.
  • Contact list generation.
  • Contacting with potential clients/partners.
  • Presentation of IBS Implants products both by phone and by e-mail using corporative information previously provided by IBS Implant.
  • Recording and management of all gathered information in a comprehensive pipeline.
  • Set up of one-to-one meetings.
  • Provide IBS Implant with a brief description of the clients/partners to meet during the during the IDS 2017 event (company profile, representatives, main goals during the event, etc.)