The 2019 Energy Consumer Trends report is presented

everis presented today the 2019 Energy Consumer Trends report which analyses how utilities and energy providers need to adapt their value proposition based on new customer requests. Ignacio Madrid, managing director of i-deals, led a round table today and highlighted not only the importance of exploring different approaches toward consumers, but also the importance of understanding the potential business models which will be generated as a consequence of the continuous change in the energy market, where the customer is increasingly acquiring a relevant role. In this sense, i-deals’ mission is to impulse the energy transition by helping energy market players to combine these customer trends with new technologies and regulations to build new business models and to monetize new opportunities in the changing market.

That is why, among the different trends identified and described in the report, Ignacio focused on Fuzzynomics and Simplification. In terms of Fuzzynomics, the roles of providers and consumers have drastically mutated. Ignacio explained how the consumers are now part of the production process and thus, they are becoming prosumers which reflects a clear paradigm change. This will be further enhanced as time goes by due to the new flexibility and demand response models among others.

Regarding Simplification, Ignacio remarked the complexity of the energy market derived from both, the integration of plenty disruptive technologies and the changing regulatory framework. This complexity level is expected to increase during the upcoming years, therefore the challenge is to facilitate the access and participation of mainstream customers, leading to the real Energy Transition.

Overall, it might be said that energy market players must reshape their strategies to understand, reach and engage the new energy consumers which is a must to achieve a sustainable energy system.