Innovation agains COVID-19

The NTT DATA foundation and i-deals collaborate as a jury and as an advisor to innovative projects that help to face the effects of the #COVID19.

#innovationagainstthevirus is an open and global initiative that supports the creation of a technological, social and innovative community of international impact which intends to help as much as possible to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

The Education Department of the Regional Government of Castille-León has created the initiative #innovationagainstthevirus which aims to address the challenges of COVID-19. For this purpose, a platform and community have been created with the purpose of mitigating as much as possible the effects of the current alert situation and also, to help society to face this new health emergency scenario.

The call for proposals closed yesterday with great success of participation with more than #400 registered, having #176 projects from 20 countries and #237 registered mentors. The project assignment period begins for subsequent mentoring by the experts/mentors. The mentors will advise, based on their experience, the members of each team about their idea/project presented in order to promote them and make their way into the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


This initiative has the following modalities of participation:

  • Health/Healthcare: how we can help to reduce and prevent the negative effects of the virus on people.
  • Social/Humanitarian: how the community can help to deal with isolation in the most enjoyable way possible.
  • EdTech: how education is adapting to this situation with new technologies and digital resources to continue its work.
  • New Businesses: how these problems can be improved or tackled through new companies and businesses.
  • Media (powered by: Impulsa Visión – rtve): how these problems can be tackled through innovative projects in the audiovisual field, that are also of practical use in the current alarm period that we are living in.
  • Sustainability/Water/Energy: projects and solutions, which can help to alleviate the effects derived from the virus in the areas of energy, sustainability and social impact.
  • Rural (Agro-food, Tourism/Travel): this pandemic has further highlighted the importance of rural areas and businesses such as agro-food, etc, which also avoid the high population density of large cities.
  • Autonomous Vehicle/Connectivity/Mobility (powered by: AEVAC): How to develop a smart, sustainable, and inclusive mobility model that respond to the challenges raised by the Covid-19 and future pandemics.
  • Back to work (powered by: Airbus – BizLab): technological solutions that allow in an automated way to monitor and guarantee the health of the workers and the quick disinfection of the environment in offices and industrial environments. They must be autonomous solutions, not dependent on human action, and capable of being integrated into an IoT platform or any other data lake, ensuring as applicable, compliance with GDPR.
  • Disability / Accessibility (powered by: Fundación ONCE): Do you have an innovative project that provides an improvement in the accessibility and living conditions of people with disabilities? You will have the evaluation of the Accessibility and Innovation Department of the ONCE Foundation.


Information about the registered projects will be published shortly.

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