Lab2Market@Técnico 2019 – Acceleration Program

Lab2Market is an innovation acceleration program that has been running for the past 5 years at IST (Instituto Superior Técnico) in Lisbon, Portugal. The main goal of the program is to select 4-6 disruptive projects which are in Laboratory state and help them reach the Market.

In order to do this, i-deals and NTT DATA Portugal are providing business mentoring to the selected projects providing them with the experience, knowledge and access to clients helping them develop a “go-to-market” strategy and shift their technologies from laboratory scale to commercial.

Lab2Market@Técnico 2019 will run from April until the end of June and will count with 5 project teams of up to 5 members including faculty, researchers, PhD and Master Students.

During the course of the program, i-deals will work in providing the tools and methodologies to the selected project teams, helping them especially with:

  • Finding Commercial Applications to their technology.
  • Finding partners to develop possible pilots.
  • Developing an Investors Pitch.
  • Identifying competitors and possible substitutes of their technology.
  • Detecting different revenue streams.
  • Obtaining feedback from the market.
  • Understanding the Ecosystem and the main players in the market.
  • Validating Hypothesis and studying the market readiness of their technology.

The projects that have been selected for this year´s edition are:

  1. PEGASUS: Plasma Enabled Synthesis of Graphene and derivatives. The plasma method used is a Key Enabling Technology for obtaining high quality Graphene and allows replacing long existing materials with new cost-effective, higher performance ones.
  2. MARIA: Mobile Application for Radiation Intensity Assessment. Android application which, when paired with a radiological sensor allows the user to create a heat map of the radioactivity of their surroundings.
  3. Additive Manufacturing: R&D focused on developing Additive Manufacturing systems that allow the increase of the dimensions of a part to manufacture and/or increase the production volume without proportionally increasing the fabrication time, while keeping the sub-millimetric precision and quality of the part.
  4. Intelligent Food Packaging: Edible highly pH sensitive dye that can be incorporated in current used food packaging systems changing its colour to detect food spoilage. This eatable dye could also be incorporated in more innovative systems like spray-coating methods avoiding the waste of plastics.
  5. Ni (II) Catalysts: Developed new Nickel (II) complexes that are active catalysts in the oligo-/polymerisation reaction of ethylene to hyperbranched polyethylene, in the absence of aluminium co-catalysts.

The program will run until June 27th and during this period of time we will be working closely with best in class technologies aiming to help them generate a clear business strategy to approach the market.


Enrique Abad, manager at i-deals, giving a seminar and discussing about the different channels to help innovative projects to reach the market